Reply To: Vanderwall puts state on notice over new sex offender laws

David Beemer

Two people I once worked with became registered sex offenders. One drove from VA to FL to be with a 14 year old girl. The girl of course was a cop and he was arrested, posted bail and never served a day in jail or prison.

The other guy was supposed to meet a 14 year old boy in a park who also was a cop. He drove through the local park, never stopped, never even got within 100 yards of the “boy” but was pulled over, arrested, put in jail for about 18 months was found guilty and served 7 years of a 50+ year sentence.

Keep in mind in both case there literally was no victim… Just cops pretending to be young people.

Both were found guilty and both became registered sex offenders. They had to do the classes and were on parole for many years.

They are both incredibly intelligent men but as registered sex offenders neither of them could land a decent job and still haven’t after all these years.

Under our system they will effectively be punished until death.

This isn’t right and something needs to change.