Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional


It is vitally important that social avenues are available for someone wishing to re-integrate themselves back into society, except for convicted sex-offenders: I understand the importance of being pro-social when an individual is attempting to re-integrate themselves back into the community and find alternate ways of having satisfying life experiences rather than the ones that led to offending. That being said there are some activities that I might be interested in now than I was not before my offense. Unfortunately most pro-social activities that I could possibly pursue if I was not on the sex-offender registry are off limits to me. Churches, libraries, parks and recreation, community centers, public swimming pools, state-fairs, YMCA, bowling alleys, etc, are off limits to me. In fact, with the new statue taking effect 1 Sept 2016 I’m not entirely sure if there is any social place I can legally go without being in violation. Shopping malls, wal-mart, fast-food eating establishments, restaurants, movie-houses, any place where children might congregate. This is not a cop-out. These are hard facts. All of these places are now dangerous, not because I pose a one to a woman or a child, but because I could be arrested and charged with a crime just for being there. Someone may recognize me, make a quick phone call and off I go!!!! Making new friends using these outlets make that virtually impossible. It kind of puts the brakes on being social at all. The government has mandated that people have a right to know if I, as a registered sex-offender, live in their neighborhood. I feel obligated to inform someone, at a certain point, that I am a registered sex offender if I am to sustain a relationship with a new friend, rather than continually ducking as to why I can’t go anywhere. I can’t afford to make new friends with children without informing them immediately about my status. Now given my extreme limitations, or rights, to go to many places enjoyed by law-abiding citizens I still have my activities that may lead to making new friends some time in the future. I may not fully realize this until I’m off of the registry. I pray to God that a new law doesn’t come along that will keep me from doing just that.