Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional


Here’s the dilemma for all advocacy groups. If the courts are against you as they are against all so’s then the reality is people will become frustrated. While I must admit that I am no fan of any person or group that harms people, it is clear that SORA’s are illegal for numerous reasons that any reasonable person would understand.

First the sheer complexity of all of the laws means it is beyond the scope of any person to be aware of them, to comply with them, or afford to. No person should be required to be a lawyer to avoid imprisonment.

Second, since when does a so called citizen of the united states have to permit the government to control their image and basically need permission to live here, since to use any of your alleged rights as a citizen you must tell local, state, and federal authorities of their use or be imprisoned.

Now if an organization cannot get judges to overturn unconstitutional and unlawful contracts like sora,’s then frustration is all that remains for some folks.

I have personally filed numerous lawsuits against these sora,’s and the only result has been dismissals with prejudice or other technical reasons for dismissal. Even when I have provided clear and convincing evidence that every aspect of a sora demonstrates a continuum of punishment, enslavement, and the total loss of citizenship.

I am beyond frustration, because the law means nothing when a society wants to take out its anger on a group of persons. Just ask the Indians, Jews, Africans, Mexicans, Asians, gays, mentally I’ll how this so called great christian nation treated them and continues to treat them.

This nation has one of the most criminal histories of any modern or ancient society, perhaps its true, “what goes around, comes around, because essentially this nation exists on alcohol, prescription drugs, drugs, and corruption and criminality. A sad truth, but nonetheless, the truth.

As for these SORA’s well when the crap hits the fan don’t ask for any mercy, cause this society doesn’t deserve any. Its historical memory will demonstrate to the world its true legacy, a lawless nation born of criminality and dying of criminality.

The truth is the hardest thing to açcept and that’s why this nation is falling apart because it has everything but seems to have nothing, because it can’t face it’s truth.

To me we live in a fake, corrupt nation, where half of the population is unable to even understand basic concepts of law, and yet they can vote for candidates who are basically Hitler fanatics.

What a country I served in the armed forces for and took an oath to support the constitution even when judges and politicians don’t. That’s the real reality facing this nation, it’s sick from the top to the bottom. It needs mental help. Just saying!