Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional


RSOL is managed by an all-volunteer board of directors and there are no paid staff members. Were it not for the devotion and self-sacrifice of a whole host of people, we would have to close the doors tomorrow. We withstand a never-ending stream of ridicule and complaint for simply doing the very best we can do given the resources we have to work with. Thankfully, MOST people appreciate what we are doing and value the amount of time and energy required. Nevertheless, there is a definite need for money to accomplish more. And there is not a single advocacy organization in the United States that would make any kind of difference in the lives of others were it not for the many thousands of dollars that flow from the wallets of concerned citizens. At RSOL, we expect registrants who are capable of helping to do so. And we will continue inviting them to become members and to make contributions–to the extent that they are capable. This is highly unlikely to make anyone “rich”–certainly not RSOL. -Admin