Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional

James Townsend

antiestablishmentarianism believe it or not you make a point with me. Sure I was a weekend warrior in my growing up years. Got busted for pot, my shares of DUI’s. Wasn’t much into porn as that got old and so did my drinking.
How are you going to win friends and influence people with a rap sheet of porn? We all have some evil in our past lets leave it there.
Yes, these laws are unjust, so would building a bond fire in the village square today to burn a witch or whatever. Maybe a sex offender.
All these comments on here are to get people to think. We have a variety of different people in the US.
The constitution want to keep Gods law (the Ten Commandments) but also not upset the people of the nation, thus it is written that way.
For instance lets say Porno was your religion . We will use that as an example or night club and partying?
They would have to make no respect for that religion, but at the same time would have to respect the people, But here’s were it gets tricky and also the overshadowing of the wording.
Man and his infinite wisdom has always wanted to be in control over man. Hey I even hated Slavery yet man had to be in control.
Sure I respect the law but when the law goes against their law one has to look for another authority.
We where in war back than when most or some of the laws of the land where formed yet there in one greater law that overshadows all.
Now Brenda I commend you for sharing this topic. So its up to those that have the capacity, the will, and the get go to say. Enough is Enough.
Caring about others is great but fictitiously lying for some kind of self – pride to overshadow someone is wrong.