Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional

James Townsend

I know how all here stigmatizes all on here, myself included, so it seems everybody on here is trying to rationalize all this out. Well there you have it in black and white. Thomas Jefferson and the forth fathers wanted to keep biblical law and at the same time give stability to the nation.
Believe it or not God is still in control but there is love also and the way the nation is with corrupt crime abortion clinic, this gay rights things, etc. it all seems imbalanced in a way to the human factor in this equation.
Look at the pledge of allegiance, the prayer in school and I’m sure some of you can still remember in grade school in the let fifties and early 60″s when they took prayer out of schools. Look how the country is today.
Two wrongs don’t make a right so when you take God out of the country you might as well take man out also or persecute him for the rest of his life.
Now in this whole scenario it is a learning lesson for all. Do a bit more studying people and you will find the answer. Start with the book of Job.
Oh and one of the things that a sister site of RSOL told me when we talked a year or so was to get churches involved in this.