Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional


Agree with both points here on not being able to deny access to a tax funded entity, e.g. park, rec center, library, etc, and the continued denial until another court effort is mounted and won on striking these down.

I see another possible legal avenue here of they cannot ban you under this guise or premise from a shopping center or other entity where food, clothes, etc are sold just because kids may be present (or congregate). While commerce can be regulated, I don’t believe they can regulate your commerce as an adult, unless the entity bans you from their premises for breaking their rules, but that cannot include being labeled a RC or being on the registry….that would be considered harassment at least.

You have the right to eat and clothe yourself as needed. In today’s age, you can order clothes from the internet and even have food delivered (fast or grocery), but just because you have those available, that does not mean you have to use them and pay for those services. The government cannot tell you where and how to clothe and feed yourself.