Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional

G from AlaOppressionBama

There are several evil angles of attack on freedom and humanity here. None of this is about protecting children. It is all about seeing how far they can push the envelope of population control under the guise of ‘saving’ the children. Oh, those innocent darling children.

We (all of us, not just RCs) are not equally human in their eyes, but more like rats in a maze or cattle (goy) inside a fenced land which they look down upon as needing to be ‘managed.’
Who is this ‘they?’ Any official that regards him or herself as ‘better’ than one who is ‘under’ their worldly ‘authority.’ A related subject would be the nefarious ends of an underlying government infiltrated conspiracy to dehumanize and control an entire population. They’re just starting with the easy target of SOs. All the other goy have to do is wait and do nothing, this oppression will encompass them eventually.

That means a whole lot of people have been simply conscripted by mass brainwashing, and are ‘in on it.’ Whether they are aware of the conspiracy or not, it is human nature to sometimes slip into a ‘holier than thou’ mindset, some people just constantly stay there. Ye, they even find a career that allows them to relish and wallow in that unholy, despicable and hell-bound sentiment. They can make a comfortable life for themselves in this theologically bankrupt and emotionally underdeveloped society we live in. Great career fit for a PO.

This ‘coddling of the children’ approach does nothing but perpetuate our overarching societal problem of emotionally stunted persons growing in biological age to adult status, yet remaining childishly stupid and cowardly (easily manipulated) in their thinking. These officials are the genuine abusers. They abuse the entire population by treating them all like cattle that shall never attain human status or self actualization.

Problem we have is that hell isn’t coming soon enough for these types. We are living in the same world right here, right now. The world just doesn’t seem big enough. How do we get away from these evil ones? How do we get them away from us? They call us evil or subhuman, when the fact and truth is the opposite.

SOs are more or less being gang stalked by the entire brainwashed population. And this despite the majority of those convicted having done no real or lasting harm to anyone. More often than not it is just complainants in court relishing in victimhood status at the expense of truth.

We are David against a many headed Goliath.