Reply To: NC’s new sex offender law is unjust and unconstitutional


The new law is not any clearer – that list of places where sex offenders can’t be says ‘including, but not limited to’. For the most part I can’t tell that the law is much stricter; the problem is that it is more confusing – how is one supposed to know when minors won’t be present at, say, a library?

This law is foolish, protects no one, and puts thousands of offenders at risk of rearrest if county law enforcement officers decide to get a bug up their ass about enforcement (right now, they’re probably being every bit as lenient as they have been to this point, generally you’re only going to get in trouble if you’re on legitimate business in violation of the 300-foot rule if someone complains about you.)

This country desperately needs wholesale common-sense sex offender law reform.