Reply To: Audio link: Registries do more harm than good

Glen McInnis

I think Trump the better choice as he might also be successful in overturning Rode v. Wade.

I’ve been on the NC registry for 13 years now. I’m very poor and have redneck neighbors all up and down the street who hate me. I don’t understand why. I never did a thing to them. I’ve had bottle rockets shot at my trailer. My door pounded on several times and they run off. Gunshots are fired off in the woods when I walk out my door and when I get home from the little work that I scrape up. It has been pure hell.

Yet in this time I’ve managed to write a Bible memorization program. Just google “Memorization Professional.” I have transcribed many sermons and posted to YouTube. see ReadItHearIt add in the dot and c and o and m.

I’m a very gifted pianist, but because of such laws many churches have told me to hit the road. So unfair and unconstitutional.

At the time of my trial my daughter refused to testify against me and she informed the prosecutor why: “I love my dad.” At the time of the offense she was 12 and it was not rape – no penetration.

Yes it was very wrong. But I did my time: 8.5 years, under minimum mandatory sentencing laws. That was bad and finished off my family, career, name and everything. But with such harsh laws I’m still doing time.I’m a modern day leper like the million or so others. And 99% of them would hurt no one. I think that most of us are the finest of citizens; and not by their unjust laws.

If sex offenders must register, so should supposed mothers who abort their babies. Yet my daughter lives and would defend me against anyone.

Yet, no registration laws should exist for any offender. If one does his sentence, he has fulfilled the law’s requirement.