Reply To: Audio link: Registries do more harm than good


Honestly that question begs for an obvious response, most politicians throw jurisprudence like a javelin out the window of justice and abort anything that has no notoriety or polish the loving legacy of a given politician. It is a shame that these woman and man would boldly assert and engage in argument that they are absolutely right and not even remotely wrong . Now as for trump, his stance would maybe surprise some or alienate others due to his extreme fluctuation in decision making. Now most grown men seem to be inclined to be somewhat of a protectionist, one of them being men’s rights and making laws less enforcing as others, because of the proclivity of indictments, accusations and simply men getting beat up for the last few decades. Ironic, all these things that use to matter and were once commonly shouted as “true tenets” to the constitution and are merely dead look and see scrolls in this day and era. I have fought the long fight and gained a relative portion of freedom regardless of my registry mandate. And the other half is an amazing story. I have little girls in my driveway. I dress up for Halloween I help kids to get to parents in church , I exercise every God given amenity that I am blessed with regardless who’s looking around the corner. I am glad. I’ll help anyone that needs help