Reply To: Audio link: Registries do more harm than good


These laws are clearly based as punishment and deserve a tweak in fair based conclusions on how one is classified. The secondary sites feed off the public registries often retaining outdated or incorrect information claiming they can’t be sued for libel, slander or any other tort for wrongdoings.

I have registered in 5 states due to my service in the military and mostly the result was a schematic shaming process and out of the five one was particularly a “check the block” scenario when all said and done and mostly low key effort to not impact the “compliant” registrant. It is very important to recognize the practice of your local and statewide politicians on how they come to fruition on thier own policy making and the mindset they utilize to enact or convey such remedies of the law. We tend to allow these standard bearers to carry a coveted and wildly wielding sword in the sake and name of justice which becomes blind because of personal ambitions and other ulterior inclinations. These policies have indeed festered into a vicious fireball meant to harm and derail the registrant to a minimal and third class citizen. It is obvious and at best a clear intent of these so-called regulatory requirements, to be construed as outright punitive and defamatory to the strongest degree.