Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment

H in H

I am in serious agreement with everything you’ve stated here. The problem with the “sex police” isn’t just the registry. It’s the perception of anything and EVERYTHING even minor in substance being perverted by the courts into a sexual crime. A 14 or 15 yr old girl can be extremely promiscuous. And when she’s caught? By the courts standard she is automatically a victim. Her involvement is NEVER EVER! (I can’t stress NEVER enough!) a consideration. She’s perfect! An innocent precious moments figurine in the eyes of the court. From the moment she’s drug in to be interrogated, the entire process is a thousand times worse than whatever happened. She has no idea of anything other than to NOT appear promiscuous to the police, and her parents. If the person she (or he) accosted has enough God given strength to take the case to court to fight for his or her life and reputation, then the matter is even more traumatizing to the young girl or boy, whichever. The roles are cast by the court “girl, victim”, “boy, aggressor”. It’s always the same thing. The police have NO regard for how much trauma they cause the families by taking trivial crap into a trial. All they care about is a conviction. It’s purely 1000% motivated by votes for reelection and tax payer revenue to pay for more jails. A mans life means absolutely nothing at that point. It wouldn’t matter if you were the Pope, you’re just a hunk of meat with no value except for that which the court can extract whatever resources you have.

I find a strong bitterness in the handouts of condoms to middle school students. Not one single teacher or parent will utter the words “Here’s a condom, here’s how you use it and why… oh and by the way, ANYTHING you do to use this prophylactic we gave you with YOUR body is automatically criminal until you’re allowed by law to be active”, whilst handing out those condoms. Oh no… we don’t want that! That may “hurt” little Susie and make her feel inferior about her body!

Just what on earth is wrong with this picture? It’s not just the registry people! It’s what’s deemed a “criminal” act. Looking back on my “crime”, as the state labeled it, I would have been in less trouble had I punched the girl in the mouth. But I made a poor choice to return a kiss to her. She was 15. But even that wasn’t “criminal”. What she did with my hand for 1 second before I pulled it away was twisted and mulled over in court to draw every split nanosecond of it out until I was found guilty, and she came away with the new title “survivor of sex abuse”. This all done as she sat there laughing next to her mother in the courtroom. It’s SICK! ABSOLUTELY SICK! A 1 second touch which she forced upon herself. And she gets to walk away laughing. The DA laughing (no, I’m not joking). Now I’m fighting it, and am in thorough disgust with the system, and the country we call “Land of the free”. I’ve lost a 20 yr career, my house was foreclosed on, I’m in massive debt, and the courts will do WHATEVER they can to twist anything into a conviction. The emotional trauma on me is beyond anything she had to endure. But yet, the entire show of the trial wasn’t enough! It’s still not enough to pay! The registry as well? Prison time? What happened to the “victim”? Was she escorted out by the DA and her mother to be given an ice cream treat at DQ for her bravery? This has to stop. But it’s not just the registry. And I’m not going to bring up the age of consent, but rather the level of harm to an individual. Was there force involved? Then that should be a factor, was there actual harm? And where does all this anger and sentiment for anything sexual in nature come from? I would say the womens rights movement. Or perhaps people who have experienced something sexual in their past relish in being able to relive the experience to get a “Oh, you’re so brave, Oh, you precious precious angel, you’re innocent, you’re so strong! You can overcome anything!” I can imagine it’s a tremendous ego boost for them! I don’t mean to sneer in the face of actual abuse (so don’t go there!), but rather the teenage girls and boys who instigate such matters by their own actions and have probably led a good chunk of those of us being on the registry. The punishment IS SEVERELY… GROSSLY disproportionate, and the law makers assuredly know these alleged “crimes” are just stupid human behavior which they’ve stepped up to the plate to label any and every act concerning a picture, or breast or whatever automatically criminal. But we don’t want to go there, do we? That would cut into peoples “feeling of doing good” by hating those of us who got caught up in some stupid mistake and then on the registry. I really wonder if this post will even be put up on the board.