Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


Double Jeopardy doesn’t seem to hold much weight nowadays. Least they always tend to claim the “whoops” excuse then pass the buck.

I was arrested 6 times in 2 years for failing to register. ( And I never failed to register either). After about the 4th time The same cop kept arresting me, saying “uh, something isn’t right here” and didn’t even handcuff me the last 3 times.
It appeared someone didn’t enter information correctly when I sold my house and bought a new one in same area. ( county) It was thrown out of court on all 6 times.
The last two times I never even gotten into the court room, the prosecutor walked by
looked at me, put his head down shaking it with the ” Oh Thiiittt” look and walked back over to me with a dismissal. that quick. No apologies or nothing.

Attorney made it clear that next time suit gets filed. So far that was years ago.
Point is verify all info is correct and verify they filed it, and changed it. So many times when having to go in for registration the police forget, and papers end up….well who knows. Point is they are over burdened with having to keep up the registry. They actually don’t like doing the paperwork. A point mentioned in the 6th court of appeals case that it is a burden to state and it cost $1.3 million a year to keep it up Tax payers foot the bill.
They want to save money, do something better with it like fix the roads, or flints water. Instead of the registry.