Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment

Michael M

Hi all and rwvnral,

I heard from a few Laywers that deal in Sexual cases that once it does go back to the federal district judge, it may very well only apply to the Named plaintiff’s. Meaning that each offender will have to file individually to be heard and taken off. This may very well be their way of analyzing and determining risk factors of that individual.

It’s all about money, you have it, you’ll get off it. The argument in the courts and even with AG’s office and Head of State police is that yeah, there are those that need to be monitored closely. News media puts a new case on news of an offender daily. Problem is, no matter how bad the case is of the new offender, they categorize ALL into same category and adds fuel for the AG’s office.

The state needs to have an actual risk assessment of each and every offender, because there are many that are not the risk the state claims them to be, and there are those that yeah, They want to watch them.