Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


Lol, in bout 20 years half of all adults and minors in this 50 country debacle will have convictions of some kind, I live in one of the most criminal nations on earth. I have never met a person in this country who is not an alcoholic, drug abuser, or sexually promiscuous, and who didnt steal, lie, or cheat.

Whats so amazing is how this nation fails to understand it is convicting itself into isolation. I mean really if you are a foreigner why would you risk coming here to be robbed, raped, and murdered, even by cops. Its really ridiculous to see the insane things these people are doing.

There is really no sense of law here anymore, one judge says its this, another says its that, its like watching the three stooges, who at least make you laugh. Its so demoralizing. I dont even really know what america even stands for anymore. Maybe thats why some people admire some dictators because at least if they say they will kill you they will, lol.

Our judges dont go by law much anymore, they go by political outcomes. They think that by bending the law they are holding this nation together, when it fact it is having the opposite effect. No one believes anything they say anymore.

Some people might think im ungrateful for these comments, but you know something, im not, ive done a lot for a lot of people, a lot more good than anything else, but still im like a leper used to be in india, isolated and ignored by an entire country, or 50 countries in one. I say that because I honestly believe soon this experiment will fragment and you will have to pay to go from one state to another. Its just a matter of time we will resemble europe.

Oh well, I just hope I will be able to reside in one of the 50 countries or at least pay me to leave. An american should have the option of being paid to give up their citizensip and live peacefully elsewhere. Just a thought, lol.