Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


For those of us who are waiting for some kind of news on this case, here is an update.

My understanding is the State had two options:.

1. They could ask for En Banc where all the judges in the 6th Circuit review the case
2. They could ask the same 3 judges who already ruled to reconsider their ruling.

The state has chosen the second option. My understanding is that is the least likely option to go in their favor.

I hope someone will correct me if I am mistaken, but I read that if the 6th Circuit does not respond to the State request for a rehearing within 14 days, then the State can assume that they will not receive that rehearing and the case goes back to the District court it started in. If I am correct on this it has now been 6 business days since this Rehearing Request was filed and we should know if it has been granted by September 26th.