Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


The laws were the same back in the Sonny and Cher days (legal age 16 in 27 states) it’s just that back then there was no internet, no social media outlets (other than newspapers and typical TV) and no serious uproar about the fact that human beings dabble in their sexualities.
Remember, there USED to be a 42nd Street that was nothing but sex. I was there back before the days of Rudy Guilianni. Granted it looks much nicer now, but the point is that we are a society that is somehow disgusted by sex yet we use it to sell beer and cars on lots of commercial advertising. Or how about those “bikini car washes”? Yeah. We’re all so disgusted by the idea of sex.
I’ve never seen a bikini car-wash with 40+ yr old women jumping around holding up “car-wash” signs. But I DO see maybe the 20 somethings looking as YOUTHFUL as possible to attract men. The very same men they would call “creepy” if we randomly flirted with them on the street. Hypocrites.