Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


Thank you for you compassion. In the worst way I’ve had to unfortunenately seek to move my family from military base to military base, even overseas to avoid ostracization from a supposedly civil community, I had people make up lies and disseminate information on my SO status in government housing and I had no choice but to fight back. The mere fact is, that I understood the law and exercised authority due to many years of experience as a service member and my rank helped getting others to listen and to bring forth dialogue. I had to educate idiots and literally write up recommended punishment of vigilant harassers who thought they had a right to infringe or disrespect me and my family. It did take a significant amount of research procedural know-how to fight back with satisfying results. Now I’m similarly in the most profound fight of my life in federal court defending my constitutional protections for deserved retirement which was taken from usual honors of any similarly positioned retiree at this point in military life. I was a Convicted SO (with a class B felony) that carried a weapon and went to war post conviction , awarded and promoted numerous times past that point as well. It is contradictory towards the normal conscript and regular expectations of a felon in possesion of a weapon. I ponder if I can go to court and challenge proven responsible rehabilitative arguments In regard to restorative rights dealing with the use of a firearm that I legally actively used and carried post-conviction. Their are so many impossibles that I’ve surpassed he standard threshold of due to being a convicted SO and allowed to persist for a long period until congress and the office of the president of the United States got involved, which literally dictated my discharge and eventual outcome. The pentagon knew I was a “problem child” that had a family which needed protection from vigilance and sent me overseas to alleviate that harm caused. My privacy and criminal background was illegally disseminated by a security clearance operator within my command to others who had no need or authority to know my status which eventually compromised my family and caused immediate
furor among the military community at large. I am sure my presence there, was responsible for shaping federal and congressional policy for my ouster and eventual return to he US because of my semi-defunct SO status. The military community at best, contains a repugnant reactionary stance qualifying itself with uneducated comprehension of its own said policies. I’ve learned eversince to adapt to military’s affinity for awkwardness and I’m very keen on combating against the bureaucracy that bemoans the us government as a whole. My federal court petition is being fought and won on the preliminaries and follow up continuances
while awaiting interim of suffering due process before arbitrary boards. I have never thought I would come to live in a country so bound by it political ambitions and self serving ways. I risked my all and every to serve even in the face of ptsd and other stigmatized constraints yet to be told I am not honorable enough for receiving retirement. That is an outright shame. To show a true intent and case of rehabilitation furthered with resiliency yet to be discredited and downed by those who have no humility such as this proud non commissioned officer, decorated, served with honorable and valuable distinction among his peer and subordinates. This is nothing like the nation I have come to have known. We are losing on all fronts.