Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


I’m sorry if i seem abrasive and angry, but I am. I and my family members have had to endure so much related to the nys sora I really wish all those who support and impose it were subjected to something similar or worse.

What’s really heinous and reprehensible is when politicians think they own people. First they punish you, then subject you to civil confinement, then you are subjected to their vicious and all intrusive sora. So no matter what, you just continue to be in their custody forever.

They use the same slogans, its all for the children. All the while the state is completely controlled by alcoholics, drug abusers, and thieves. Cuomo even said he would violate the law to protect people. So much for law in this state. But I bet he would never be a foster parent or adopt a child. He’s never done anything but for himself.

I’m sick and tired of fake people claiming they care about children, when they teach only hatred, greed, self indulgence, and abide by the law only when the votes help them politically.

All SORA’s are illegal and unconstitutional as a matter of law, and no judge or scrotus can legitimize them. Its a shame a person has to abide by a law they know is illegal by every standard of law in this nation. Now I know how the jews , Indians, Africans, and all those subjected to slavery have felt.

This is reprehensible and heinous on a large scale, but no judge has the courage to say so. If our nations strength comes from its law, this nation has no right to criticize any other nation.

As I’ve always said, when in Rome be roman, so if you live by Nazi law then you are a Nazi, that’s the stripe they must bare, while we have to bare the number on our arm.

I wvill never forgive this nation, and have lost all respect for its flag. Its all so meaningless to me now.

Its all about pandering for power in this state. The state constitution is worthless. Honestly,