Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment


In Snyder v. Doe the 6th circuit claimed there were regulatory aspects to a sorna. And it cited Kennedy’s rambling narrative saying no restraints of liberty were imposed.

When in fact there is nothing regulatory about a sora. The information was already widely available to ignorant Americans, not only through criminal conviction sites but also through numerous public websites, and now through a federal website.

When a government utilizes judges and cops to force a person to appear in a court or police station at fixed times this is called “custody”, but there is no mention of this in the Snyder v. Doe case. Secondly, this means you are on a state continuum of punishment as any circuit court would know, and a mere substitute for a court or police station appearance by using a registration form is the sane thing, ” custody.”

Yet you have no right to invoke your 5th amendment right not to be compelled to incriminate oneself even if you were lying to them. Can you smell a rat or what. They have made a joke out of the entire legal system.

This doesn’t even begin to touch the total and complete unraveling of the 1st amendments protections against compelled or discrimated sppech. I could easily destroy Kennedys entire rationale in less than ten minutes. The guy is a commie who should be disbarred and all of his writings and decisions banished from our history books. That man is entirely responsible for this sham of a law, and probably in cahoots with the group who assembled the law for the legislature.

I was born a free man and intend to die a free man, not as a slave to this nation of lies. This country has survived 240 years, I hope it doesn’t make it to 250.