Reply To: Federal judiciary finally sees light: Restrictions are punishment

James Townsend

Guys you all got to stand up on this and I’m doing my part here. I like Fred saying he just got finished from verifying. Every month when my PO comes to the house, sometimes I will go to his office.
One time he told me leave my bible at home LOL. Now I know he has his orders but when it comes right down to it all a money game and a type of controlling effect.
Heck I get off PO in about 10 yrs. but last time he came to the house I told him,, The only person I fear is God and I know its hard to get some sort of biblical standards in this Nation and that’s why the election is so important.
In the long run I feel I shouldn’t of taken a Plea but I wasn’t better prepared to go to court
Most of those pubic attorneys still get their money any regardless and weather the truth comes out or not the state doesn’t want to bow down.