Reply To: Ron Book’s guilt satiated by hatred for sex offenders

G from AlaOppressionBama

Ron Book and wife (does he have one, did he?) must have been completely absent in the rearing and raising of their children. Too much into BSing their way into some government sponsored money making scheme of some sort or another.
Yea, private prison industry …. money.
Ron Book sold his soul. Same demons that fill him have found residence in Lauren.
Evil. This man and his offspring are pure evil.
Now they are coaching children (Lauren’s Kingdom) to turn in anyone who disciplines them or makes anything unpleasant as an abuser.
Excuse me, but life is plain unpleasant many times for all people living in reality. That is why it is called a ‘fallen’ and a ‘cursed’ world.
Parents who want to raise their children to not be spoiled brats better take cover.