Reply To: Ron Book’s guilt satiated by hatred for sex offenders


Someone correct me if wrong, but I believe because of him many SO’S are living under a bridge in Miami? How can this happen in the USA? War Criminals are treated with more respect. How come he can be a lobbyist and no one challenge him? If RSOL or the appropriate organization would train me well, that I would be sure that I am sure of what I am presenting, I would be a lobbyist for for sex offenders rights after they have paid the price to society. Today, the Governor of NC quotes the constitution when asked about sharing with the public the police tape of the recent police shooting. Well what about the constitutional rights for us here? This man disgusts me. Fate had his daughter be a victim and because his lack of probably a mental report on this nanny, now everyone must pay. This confirms my point that anyone can harm a child . Why don’t we all ban together and demand our Constitutional rights? Why doesn’t Miami provide housing for these Offenders? This is very disturbing.