Reply To: Ron Book’s guilt satiated by hatred for sex offenders

James Townsend

Wow this Ron Book guy is some piece of work. so he’s the one that lobbied for the shanty town back up his mistake by trying to be a hero. I would have to say he is guilty of abuse of suggestion and lack of knowledge. A sex offender coming out of prison doesn’t need anything like a causway. Its scary to even think about how man treats others. I will forgive that man but its the though of it all. That Book dude has millions of dollars from his lobbying on this and that but the truth is he is just as guilty for instilling the thought into those civil minded juries.

We are all sinners just like that heartbroken guy said, but when authorities go beyond the authority of God in a lot of these ordeals than human authority has to be called out on that. Consider this do authorities have a crystal ball to say who will offend and who will not?

I’m sure all have made mistakes in life. Authorities are actually playing the devil in a lot of this sex offender delimna. (Food for thought) RSOL your doing good work..