Reply To: Ron Book’s guilt satiated by hatred for sex offenders


I dont think sympathy for mr. Book is appropriate, pure hatred is all i have for him. I feel for his daughter, but I wonder how she has dealt with what happened. I’ve had to deal with fear, hatred and anger my entire life but I’ve never wanted to pass laws to single out any particular type of person, thats what criminal laws are for.

As for people like mr. Book he’s just a power hungry criminal using his daughters experience as a means to achieve his level of criminality. Im tired of legitimizing peoples anger, it wasnt enough to have the nanny punished hut then he wanted to punish everyone. Typical of a sociopathic personality as far as im concerned.

Sexual dysfunction is a hallmark of this society, its in every family and erson in this nation as well as a lot of other mental health issues. All the laws in the world wont and cant stop it. All I know is that soon there will be millions of so’s on the registry who cant work or live freely and the majority of them are adults, and that doesnt include the millions who havent been publicly exposed. Maybe one day they will be able to pass laws banishing people who hate like mr. Book does.

Remember they all came from the same stock mr. Book does. I wonder how many females this guy had sexual relations with before he was 18. If he is a norjal guy im sure he c could have been classified as a sex offender statutorily. People like him arent wrth the time f day to discuss, hes just a hypocrite.