Reply To: Ron Book’s guilt satiated by hatred for sex offenders


Yea, I would agree completely with the “guilt” assessment related to mr. Book. In fact, it is a major factor behind a lot of crimes. Many people grow up resenting society for things that happened to them, and many are not aware of the resentment consciously.

For instance, if a person was subjected to events as a child, it would have a direct effect on their ability to maintain healthy borders related to certain activities. Say for example being taught to distrust or hate certain types of people. Conciously they may grow up thinking they have no biases towards those people, but subconsciously they would and may use rationalizing as a way to ignore those biases. They may even attempt to outwardly appear to go out of their way to prove they are not biased, and that would be the “guilt” association.

Others can be related to rejection, humiliation, and other forms of abuse a person may have been subjected too as a child, adolescent, or adult. The scientific basis for this rule is often stated as “what comes around goes around”. This is one of the primary failures of the public school system, it completely fails to discuss the consequences of emotional and physical abuse, and does not prepare anyone for such events, and its the failure of parents as well. Since they are often times the culprits of the abuse or condone it.

But this is the nature of the human condition, as is demonstrated by statistics, and $&*t happens in life, and those acts result in crimes. Good article.