Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?

Jim Kaecker

I agree that we need more social programs. All of the offenders I met have deep seeded wounds that have left them isolated and untrusting of many people in general. They need to be able to talk to non judging people with empathetic ears. People who share the same hurt but with many different tragic life stories. This evidence comes from the experience of being within the inner circle of group therapy.
I have also been involved with my church mens group that has the same atmosphere as an offender therapy group only without the therapist but with total anonymity. Men are more insecure than they want to portray because of social norms and popular cultural beliefs how ever misinformed they are. We need more mens groups inside and outside of the church to share there struggles with one another in a safe environment that enables one to encourage vulnerability. Thank You ROSL for your presence and voice I plan to be more active from now on.