Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?

James Townsend

I guess my voice is missing but I will strive to give some closure to this sex offender delimna. Human nature is carnal and Yes we all have a carnal nature. Think of it this way. Why is one’s liberity judged of another man’s conscience? Man has always wanted to be in control of others. Sure we have all did wrong things in our lives. Is the sex offender irredeemible?
After he or she has spent time for their punishment are they not fit for society or does mankind say obsolute for the one caught up in this sex offender ordeal? The law seems to go above the law of human nature. Sure we all still have evil thoughts wheater it be greed or money. It even tells us in the good book about mankind. Is there no mercy in any of this sex offender ordeal scheme or are some of these schemes of a devilish nature by the people that suppose to protect and serve. Setting one up on the internet is one thing. Touching a little girl or boy is another. Rapeing someone is another but it seemes its all wrapped up into one big lump and breeds intimidation and brings fear to those.
Do the people actually know about these internet sex ordeals that police set uor play out today? Do they actually know who is playing the con or who is being the con? Do they actually know who is changing who’s diapers? Do we judge to quickly or just say obsolute to the one caught up in the sex offender ordeal?