Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


Unfortunately the threads on here are limited so I have to respond out of order… As far as the studies:

Both are Gallup Polls, which I believe is a reliable source.

There is a Pew research showing 57% of people support gay marriage.

If you have some legitimate polls or studies that counter those I’d love to read them.

I am not trying to change your views, I’m sure you have your personal reasons that you feel the way you do about homosexuality. You made some blatantly false statements about gays and I was only trying to correct your false statements. Maybe just express your views about the gay community as your own and not make them as if you are supported by the majority of people or even the majority of other sex offenders.

We will agree to disagree on what “normal sexual behavior” is. Homosexuality is found in ALL species, not just us humans. I would argue that makes it pretty natural and a normal part of nature. Dolphins, apes, and penguins didn’t “learn” this behavior from some gay propaganda. I didn’t choose to be gay anymore than one day you chose to be straight.

The gay community is used to the rhetoric that you are expressing. It is usually by those who are battling hatred of themselves or covering up their own homosexual tendencies, such as Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, etc. It is those who express the most hatred and bigotry who usually end up getting arrested for or involved in a scandal regarding some sexual impropriety with another male… hmm.

I think as far as the registry and the need for change you and I could probably agree on many things. I think finding a way to get the general public to agree that the registry and other restrictions are wrong and unconstitutional is the goal. If the approach of the civil rights movement (for gays or others) is a path forward then what is wrong with that? My point is your approach of trying to defend any illegal or improper sexual relationship as a first step will stop anyone from listening. I have seen other posts that have been linked on this site where the general public’s response to any argument or ruling against the registry is that it sounds like we want to make sex with underage people okay. That is a non-starter for us gaining rights in regards to the misuse and abuse of the registry.