Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?



I read your post and I was offended by it and wasn’t sure I wanted to bother with writing a reply. Then I read your attempt to say you didn’t mean to be insulting or demeaning but that is exactly what you meant to be.

You like to back up your bigoted views with statements such as “like most registrants” and “the wider pubic” don’t believe that being gay is a legitimate lifestyle. But FACTS show you are completely wrong. As a matter of FACT 70% of the public do think that gay relationships are moral and legitimate if they are between consenting adults. The FACT is that 61% of the public supports gay marriage. 83% of 18-29 year olds support gay marriage! Facts are awesome! So your views are in the minority not the majority as you claim.

I’ll let you find a statistic that shows that a majority of the public supports your assertion that the age of consent should be changed.

You said that the gay community is justifying “‘perverted’ or aberrant sexual behavior that is currently criminal and have it be declared legal” — What behavior are you talking about? I’m not aware of any criminal behavior the gay community is trying to get made legal. That battle has already been fought and won.

You said “our battle is primarily about the over-criminalization of normal male sexual behavior.” I disagree with you here. I am in no way trying to justify my sexual offense or change any age of consent laws. I will argue and justify my right to have a gay consensual relationship with another man. Your view of “normal male sexual behavior” is twisted to meet your justification needs I think.

I haven’t read the book yet but I want to. I think using other civil rights formats would be a good start to end the registry. You approach seems to be trying to justify that what you did shouldn’t be illegal to begin with, so you shouldn’t be on the registry.

The politicians and activists have made us SOs the boogeyman. They use fear to keep making more laws that take away our rights. That is the battle we need to fight. I would ask you to look at the source of your bigotry against gays but guessing that probably won’t happen. The theme I read in your post is “I might be a sex offender, but at least I’m not a perverted gay” and that somehow lessens what you did in your head and lets you minimize your behaviors to yourself. I’m not sure that is really working for you.

I am positive that trying to justify our offenses to the public is the wrong approach. Taking responsibility for our actions and showing that we respect the laws and aren’t an ongoing threat to the community is how we battle the registries. Your own post would ruin your argument before you even started making it.