Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


To tell you the truth, maestro, I don’t have any sympathy left for anyone, or respect for a nation that violates its entire constitution, and enacts slavery like it’s candy. If I could tell you what I would really like to see happen to all of these “victimization” lovers, you would think twice. I’ve said this before, I’m tired of legitimizing people’s anger, victimization, and loss. People in this zoo are hurt and killed everyday, and if they cant handle it, then check out!

Our constitution does not guarantee safety or require anyone to care about others, nor is there a duty to tell the government anything. But suddenly, there are laws mandating this nonsense. You get one life. Do YOU is all I can say, cause these law fanatics don’t give a crap.