Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


I agree with you in some ways. My point was only to address acts where real violence and abuse is really used, not statutory acts, and to emphasize that even then, a person has to move on. That was the point of my whole reply, cause I’m no bleeding heart. But even in some statutory cases some people are abused, and that’s a fact. I suppose you enjoyed your experience. It doesn’t mean everyone does.

But anyways, I fully understand mother nature, lol. My traumas had on effect on my personal borders, I just never realized their full effect. Like you, there’s an explanation for everything, but the only people who get sympathy are the victims, do you agree?

I get it, now you feel abused, don’t we all. I think if you read most of my replies you can see I am all in against soras, since all of the info is readily available through conviction sites, and clearly this society has no feelings for so’s. I think you missed my point entirely, but that’s ok. I’m tired of apologizing too, I just want to be able to forget, and move on and try to have some semblance of a life, but they wont let you. So I agree in some ways but don’t in others. Hope this clarifies my position for you.