Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?

G from AlaOppressionBama


I was responding directly to Jeremy’s post where he likened us to the position of the LGBTQ of a couple decades prior. Craig Hallenstein did the same thing except included other minority groups as well as a sort of ‘blueprint’ for us to identify with or maybe to ‘ride on the coattails’ of into a position of legitimacy in the public or legal sphere.

I am a heterosex white male and I can see where a homosex or bisex person may have a problem with the post as I wrote it. I do not mean to be insulting or demeaning and I apologize if it comes across as defamatory.

I am approaching this issue with the purpose of getting the wider public to realize there is an ‘agenda’ to subject the entire population to criminalization. I think the age of consent laws are part and parcel of the overreach of government control. But, I know RSOL has a specific disclaimer up front that says that changing those laws are not our intent or focus.

Regarding the use of the word ‘agenda’ for lgbtq, I mean the one’s pushing for law changes and school curricula changes and bathroom use law changes. ( I HAD to go badly #2 one time and could not wait in the line for the men’s room when the women’s was completely empty in a fast food place once – I went straight in there and used the toilet and left and no one was the wiser) I would prefer to not be in the women’s bathroom with women, but I would not care if women came into the men’s bathroom. Why would they do that though? But hey, would I be arrested for indecent exposure (a sex crime) if a woman was in the men’s room and sees me, haha?

In general the wider public, despite the laws changes, does not believe that lgbtq is a ‘legitimate’ lifestyle choice, and is at odds with the government making these law changes (like legal same-sex marriage).

I think the problems with our sex laws that, for one, create sex offenders, and two, oppress those convicted of those laws are rooted in an agenda to ‘control’ the public at large. I see this as over-criminalization of everyone doing normal things – making criminals when there really is no crime victim. I see a dire need to be on the same page with attempts to engage the wider public audience when education is the goal. The issues that the LGBTQ people had or have are quite different. In some ways there are apparent similarities, but in a root cause/effect relation, the differences are glaring.

Joe Public, the voter that these politicians pander to, is frustrated first with what he sees as undue attention and legal status found by LGBTQ persons and he is throwing his hands up and saying ‘dammit, what next, legalized bestiality! pedophilia?! those evil chomo sex offenders want legal status now , too ??!! Hell NO! ‘

See, we want Joe Public on our side. We want Joe Public to see that the ‘agenda’ that has ensnared those on the registry will eventually ensnare him. We want Joe Public to join us in the fight against the agenda to control, not be repulsed by thinking we are just a step or two deeper into the dark of perversion than the standard LGBTQ person.