Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


You know, after reading these posts its obvious there is a lot of pain related to the sora’s and that it occupies our minds frequently. I suppose those who have been affected by sex abuse also think a lot about what happened to them. I’ve never been able to forget all of the traumas I have encountered in my lifetime, and there have been many of them.

Those traumas did great harm to me, and i’m still dealing with their effects. Its taken a great deal of self introspection to be able to recognize this reality. Sometimes I hate everything because of the anger and resentment I feel those traumas have led to what could he characterized as a very difficult life. Sometimes I just want to give up and move on to the next reality. I live this way everyday.

I miss the life I had, it was acceptable, even though I had a lot of financial problems, since I had a lot of difficulty holding down jobs. My wife helped out a lot, and never complained about my job problems, but we endured a lot of hardship. I feel a lot of redirect responsibility for my indiscretions but I also feel others laid the foundation for them. Its not easy to see how these things inter-relate.

I try to put a brave face on everyday, but this isolation and hopeless feeling that I will never be just a normal person again is overwhelming. Hell, i’ve been a victim all my life and this sora business is just another part of that whole drama. Nothing I haven’t already gone through before. Now consider what i’ve said and then apply it too a so called victim of a sex crime, and then maybe you can understand what they feel. I do understand, but still it does not justify what they are doing with these laws.

Anyways, time will take care of this business eventually, whether in my lifetime or another. Even I know we are not responsible for everything, we are a mirror of our reality, and world. These sora crusaders are just our opposites, but they are clueless.