Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?

G from AlaOppressionBama


With all due respect I think I speak for the majority of registered citizens, it is a tiny contingent that would identify with the LGBTQ rights seeking approach. While I applaud the author of ‘The Dolphin’ for trying to raise public awareness of the tragedies that are the result of this perpetual punishment model of justice, his following to link our problem with the past civil rights and equality battles of ‘minority’ groups is a wrong-headed approach that really won’t ‘educate’ anyone correctly.

Most everyone (the general public person that has no close good relations or direct contact with a registered citizen) that finds the ‘bogeyman’ sex offender a shocking problem also finds the LGBTQ agenda a mass perversion of the created order. I believe, as I also believe do most registrants, the LGBTQ agenda is exactly that. To link the two is to confirm in the mind of the uninitiated that – ‘yep, I was right – those SOs are just freaky perverts like those lgbtq folks.’ The opposite is the truth.

There are a few interwoven main issues- 1. The fact that a hit list, uh, I mean a registry exists (it isn’t just for SOs only anymore) and, 2.The inhumane life restrictions that are placed on those convicted, and 3.The ridiculous social and professional career shunning that catches up to every registered citizen in any life pursuit

These are all based upon and rooted in mass media fear mongering tactics and induce regular ole’ people to take upon themselves the mantle of gang member to participate in gang-stalking like behavior against this ‘non-citizen,’ or in Orwellian terms ‘un-persons.’

This fact that the registry even exist is a basic human rights issue. A liberty-as-free-citizens issue.

DRASTICALLY UNLIKE the lgbtq advocates, we are not seeking to justify ‘perverted’ or aberrant sexual behavior that is currently criminal and have it be declared legal.

DRASTICALLY UNLIKE the lgbtq pushers, our battle is primarily about the over-criminalization of normal male sexual behavior. (the laws such that legal male behavior is only legal if it is approved by the final arbitrator >women ! – I realize this is short shrift – but this is just a reply to your comment)

DRASTICALLY UNLIKE the lgbtq agenda, we are responding in a defensive manner against the offensive laws that perpetuate overt and inhumane discrimination against persons that may have made a few minor mistakes, yet are faced with a remaining life of perpetual marginalization and torment that far outweighs any ‘crime’ committed or in comparison to any alleged victim’s suffering.

These ‘crimes’ are usually blown way out of proportion in the courts and made out to be much worse than what really happened. Too much emotionalism and not enough calm rational factual thinking surrounds this issue.

As we are each young (well, I’m 49, but I feel young) men fighting this same battle of public lynch mobism mentality, I may one day meet you.

Take care.