Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


Just remember that both you gentlemen speak volumes of what this shady schematics is all about, in regard to being compelled to display past transgressions on contrast to future falsehoods. The “likelihood to reoffend” lie/phrase is nothing but misrepresented parameter to confuse citizens and intentionally to create a euphoric effect, laced with feel good policing. I had to literally fight to get off the registry in a technical sense but still remain on the books and unofficial sites due to the media exposure of my arrest and conviction. I am now in federal court as a plaintiff dealing with related fruits of the registry for which so far I’ve been successful on he pushback. The media seems to stifle in any significant message on behalf of the fallacies of the sex offender. Most communicative outlets treat offenders like diseased rejects and want no associative ties with such persons. There is no gray area or bermuda blind spot to navigate in this perpetual punishment. I ironically live in a state that would not publicly list or post level one offenders and I swiftly was removed from the registry in the state of conviction, when my petition was answered and address, but remain on the “books” in my state of residence. I am able to be released from that requirement in a few more years as well, but what does that leave one with socially and legally? I’m dismayed at the political posturing over offenders which leads me to allude in the International Megan’s Law, I can’t think of anything more elusive and disdainful as this enacted policy because it seems to arrest the development of a redeemed or rehabilitated citizen. The intent is deceptive as it is constricting against the fundamental rights of anyone in he free world. The complicitive nature of legislatures
and legal curators involved simply results into a financial windfall for the actors and participants. I have worked in government for a few decades and most recently the military and it is so sadistic as to what this world and our country is about now. I ask that we all take a bold step just short of comprising your own recovered reputation and speak out against the aforementioned injustices and research your rights to the core. Look for experts if you are digitally restricted and reach out to offenders once they are personally identified by you. The way of the world is wicked.

Do what has to be done be all means necessary!