Reply To: Atlanta RSOL Conference 2016 take-away: Whose voice is missing?


That was very well written.

speaking of John Walsh, here is a comment I just read from him on in an article entitled “If you were the moderator of the debate what question would you ask”

“As the father of a son who was kidnapped and brutally murdered, and as someone who has fought years for more resources to protect our nation’s most vulnerable, I have seen first-hand how every taxpayer dollar wasted on an ineffective justice system is one dollar not going to put away those that prey on our communities. There is currently bipartisan support in Congress to reform wasteful and outdated policies in our federal justice system. As president of the United States, what will you do specifically with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to make our federal justice system smarter and more cost-effective?”

Hmmm. Does this mean he is not advocating for the SORNA Laws anymore?