Reply To: California IML challenge dismissed as premature

Any successful driver’s license identifier legal challenges to use in passport challenge?

Has there been a successful legal challenge to the special identifier for RCs on the driver’s license showing it to be illegal? What about specific license plates? This could be a foothold on what it could take to do away with the passport identifier.

There are many states, e.g. DE, LA, FL, OK, GA, TN & AL to name a few, where RCs have special driver licenses (DL) which are the same as a passport, used for identification. LA, GA, FL and OK have it brazenly written on the front of the license. It looks like CA was considering to have a DL like this at one time.

I am not sure if there are any states with specific RC license plates, from what I can see at least, but it too would fall under the identifier issue. If no specific license plates, what is holding them back, e.g. harassment, etc? Could that be used a foothold of reasoning into why identifiers are not good?

If there has not been any successful challenges (yet), is there any knowledge of cases filed challenging the identifiers on the driver’s licenses?

Just thinking out loud for a possible success in a similar identification area.