Reply To: California IML challenge dismissed as premature


Well, beating on another door, seems endless and retarded. Anyways, our constitution provides for the well being of its citizens, not the citizens of foreign nations. Now we’re in the business of alerting the world, lol.

True communism, make everyone informants and spies for the government. Now if a host nation lets you visit, you become a target for crimes from sex vindicators and more crusaders, and their police will treat you like garbage.

Im tired of this nonsense, its simple, if we have no rights, they have no rights.this is not our country anymore, we are not citizens by de facto law. Illegals have more rights than we have and so does every other person convicted of any other crime.

When your rights are completely taken away what course of action do you have. Suing doesnt work, common sense is irrelevant, and your just wondering whats next. Heck, save the money, give me 100 grand, ill give up this worthless citizenship.

Do we really live in america or in russia, heck we would have more rights in russia. I just dont understand why they just dont denationalize officially. They can get away with anything. All of this talk about reintegration is worthless, hell u dont forget how to live just because you u were in prison. Like I said we live in a nation of complete ignorance, no brains left in it. People stiil think this is the 1950s. I dontt want these intolerant people having authority over my grandchildren, they will grow up to be nazis, like them. Like I said, if theyre so afraid of life, tell them to moveback to europe, or wherever tey come from.its ronic though, they werent afraid to rob, rape, and murder the indians, but TV nw theyre ed afraid of kids learning about themselves. They disgust me in every way possible. I dont want to hear about kind old america, its the most hateful nation on this a planet no matter how it claims to be be otherwise.