Reply To: Right speech, right time, right now. Engage!

James Townsend

Right speech, Right time, Right now. Fred, Maestro, Rick and all others this article when you look at it makes a lot of sense. We all might have different sex offenses. I might be low on the scale or how enforcement grades people in this distorted fashion but truth is truth.
We as sex offenders have all been discriminated in one way or another in this who ordeal we are going thru. I have been given an opportunity to go back to court. Now Brenda Jones is doing good with helping and even her chapters are doing their parts all across the USA in the combat of all this sex folly or government endeavor.
Everybody’s input is important that has been involved in all this discrimination sex folly.
You know sometimes I get to a state where I don’t know how to listen to but at others I’m just as mad and upset as all of you all are on here about this registry. We have all different ages of people involved yet, authorities say put them in jail, punish them, put them on probation for so long and if one slips up toss them in jail or if one knows how to fight fire with fire, than stand your ground.

A lot of this is ludicrous in lot of ways and infringes on ones right as a human. Can you see any love in any of this?