Reply To: Right speech, right time, right now. Engage!

Jeremy Heady

I participate in online forums frequently about RSOs and one thing I’ve found out is that instead of defending people in our status, we can gain more ground by showing how the current laws actually make people less safe. Someone can say “kill ’em all!” all day long, but they would never pick up the weapon to do it. I strive to convince these people that they are advocating for laws similar to Singapore and middle eastern countries where they kill anyone convicted of a crime. America will never go that route I hope.

I try to convince people that this issue does not have “sides” in the traditional sense of the word because if the registries were effective, most of us would stand by it, but they’re not. I show people that I am on the side of keeping children safe and free from harm and there are better ways of doing that than branding a criminal class.