Reply To: Right speech, right time, right now. Engage!



I applaud most of your comments although I feel that you employed a bit of deflection with regards to the different levels of sex offenses – in other words that perhaps you feel that some people convicted of certain sex offenses more or less deserve the public scorn i.e. child molesters etc. and that those on the margins such as perhaps your crime shouldn’t. I personally believe that no one should face the vilification that is going on today.

Every person convicted of a sex offense, regardless of the nature of their crime, should be individually assessed and never lumped into a category of hatred and scorn that is happening with such wild abandon throughout our country and the world. The people who are true repeat offenders, i.e. psycho-sociopaths, are definitely in the minority and I feel could be easily identified with modern assessment tools available today.

All persons identified as registered citizens must band together and approach this struggle as one if we are going to succeed. There are so many, the vast majority in fact, persons convicted of sex offenses against children that are remaining offense free and shouldn’t be excluded in any way from being a part of this movement. I don’t know if you meant it that way but it is was what I perceived to some extent.