Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


Lol, I don’t need an attorney to tell me anything about the law, i’m extremely knowledgeable in that regard. Look it up for yourself, nys penal law, supervised release is a part of the sentence automatically for certain offenses. Probation is not supervised release in nys. Sure I knew you can turn down probation long ago.

My point in talking about supervised release was simple. If you get it after being released from prison to see how well you can reintegrate, and you are successful, whats the purpose of a sora that is essentially the same thing, just as is probation the same as supervised release.

I don’t care if someone wants to turn down probation and do the time, usually they violate and do the time anyways. In that regard I agree with you. You said supervised release is unnecessary, not only that it’s a second punishment or term of slavery. But in some states you get it whether you want it or not.