Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


There is no constitutional basis for forgiveness. Toleration is all there is. But we have a lawful contract that says, “Slavery nor indentured servitude shall exist in the US except as a punishment for a crime duly convicted of”. A sora is both slavery and indentured servitude that is forced upon a person. It is also state sponsored terrorism. It yells fire when no fire is present. But essentially it is the governments way of reducing their liability, they were sick of lawsuits.

How long do we go on, forever. There is no law against ignorance, hatred, anger, etc. With all sincerity I would hate a person who did serious harm to my family, even though I understand the causes, but I would not blame a whole class of persons whose acts are related in some way.

Yea, im afraid to tell you your old life is over, but dont feel that bad, its over for millions of people in this country. Just think, you now have a chance to do all the things your other life made impossible. But your ability to associate with others is now substantially reduced. And now you will find out who really cares about you.

Time and money will eventually end this nonsense one way or another. Its been a huge failure, but it wont change much for us. We will still be near the bottom of the barrel in terms of association.

I wish I could tell you more positive things, but only you know the reality you live in. With or without a sora life will be different, only you can make life bearable. Good luck to you, at least you’re not in prison or dead.