Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


I feel the need for bigger voice if indeed the current sex offender laws are based on hyped data, lies, fear, and paranoia, and if we want to see positive change in our lifetime.
The way things are going like new and more draconian and restrictive laws are so easily being passed in local, state, or federal level, while even small change to revert a minute ordinance or law, which is obviously unconstitutional and inhumane, is met by fierce backlash and opposition from those in the government and the public (especially the government) and thus as a result lives of those in the registry is becoming only more difficult.
I feel sad, impatient, and even losing hopes in this country. I had a decent job and life, and one mistake and now it’s all over? Who is so pure and sinless? Where is forgiveness?
While I want to do good, help everyone, get back to my career, have a loving family, a home. Is it all over those in the registry? How long do we go on like this?