Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


Now lets talk about this reintegration nonsense. First of all, its up to the individual to determine their future. Being in jail or prison does not change make you forget how to live, find a job, go on a date, etc. I guess what is meant by reintegration is to be self supportive and not bother anyone.

Well if this was the case, then you wouldnt have laws that prevent people from getting jobs the way felonies and misdemeanors do. You wouldnt need to tell anyone about those convictions either. And you woudnt have laws excluding a person from nearly an entire state or city.

You also would not be tortured and subjected to illegal treatment by soras that reminds you endlessly of your act. In fact, im certain any psychologist would tell you this is a form of torture and treatment. Especially when it has direct effects your family. I get so angry every time I have to go see corrupt cops it sickens me.

The whole idea of rehabilitation and reintegration is a fallacy, nothing more. Its all set up for a person to fail, but even so, its up to each person to make this decision, and no law can change it. The only thing a person needs is to know why they did what they did, after that they must decide how not to let it happen again. Whether its a statutory offense or not.

Because to tell you the truth, if after losing your family, wife, job, reputation, freedom, and being thought of as garbage isnt enough to change you, nothing ever will. Now does anyone think a sora really accomplishes anything at all after being convicted as a sex offender. Cause they sure as hell wont keep or make anyone safe