Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities

Emil S

Probation people are there to prove that recidivism rate on those in the registry is high by making their own laws about what you can or cannot do. They can so easily violate someone. For example, in the state of North Carolina, a person in the probation/supervision cannot go to any adult website, also no LinkedIn or dating website beside no no on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have to get their permission if you want to travel out of the county (this is on top of traveling outside the state, and forget about the international travel as I was denied many times even for family emergency), And on top of that the state just passed new laws about where one cannot be including churches, etc.
So yeah what you said resonates with many as states do not simply release a person who has to register, they are either released in parole, probation, or in supervised released, with are pretty much same as you have to pay monthly fee and you go visit your PO each month and they can come and search your place any time. Oh yeah I was threatened to be locked up for not being able to pay the monthly fee when I was not able to find an employment. it was tough and it’s not getting any better. God help us all.