Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


I wholeheartedly agree with you and Capt Munsey . Unfortunately my military retirement was snatched by the very same predatory politicians who are supposedly meant to represent ” all” people. Now for the first time In years I was able to laugh at the remotely markedly pointed fun @ being a sex offender from the earlier showing of : Rasing Hope “blue dots” ( › shows › blue-dots-1361421) , which was the funny/ not so funny sitcom discussing the trail of tears in light of the actual sufferance of the ones who live it everyday. Now Capt Munsey said it best that he is not one to hide in the shadows nor shall I because of my current fight in federal court to restorative justice of my retirement. It was unconstitutional and ill-thought out as a rush to appease a military appropriations committee who ransomed and extorted military services secretaries and pentagon associates to enact unpopular policies at the bequest of women’s rights and victim advocates. Any one on the other side of the stick understands the dictation that comes when the advocates search for target to revictimize. My case had nothing to do with a service member but just a non related civilian. My case was abruptly adjudicated and I was subsequently retained in the military post conviction and confinement. My case was mimic and construed as a court martial even though it was a civilian conviction. Fellow service members vandalize my car, stole military equipment and my money during my incarceration. I went on during my release and continue to serve in such places as Afghanistan and other locations within the pacific rim of Asia. I was also promoted numerous times and awarded multiple accolades. But woe says me came to fruition when It was discovered, during the end of my career that I was a sex offender amongst the ranks of my fellow service members. To point out the registry didn’t exist in certain areas in which I traveled or was stationed. At times, no one knew of my status and I lived virtually free from being noticed, but incrementally I suffered extreme harassment and discrimination upon the immediate discovery of my status among certain military communities. Some of these mob-like employees are just as bad or worst than the normal citizen. I luckily had a tremendous amount of superiors , co-workers and subordinates respect me as a person and shunned the very attachment of my status. You have to navigate the experience and tread the waters very carefully in this life. I disproved the theory that convicted felons can’t be trusted. I carried all types of weapons post conviction and sporadic all worked in law enforcement roles for literally months at a time all because I’ve
Carried on as a non commissioned officer and strong leader. We do have a problem with sex assaults and false accusations profoundly among the ranks but this was mostly exacerbated by congress and by astounding-prone advocates. I have won part of my case in the interim but continue to wait and fight on in the third quarter of this process. It has been hell I’m not going to lie, but it is the sound of sweet serenity when proper justice is rendered and one should not be defined or conscripted to live a certain type of life because some other idiot says so. This is no dream for I feel my fears, this is no laugh because I can see my own tears. God bless ! goodnight and Amen.