Reply To: Reintegration, not registration, key to safer communities


“Besides, it should have been a part of supervised release, since it has been established to monitor people after their release from prison. If supervised release is insufficient, then what is its purpose?”

“Supervised” release IS unnecessary in every way shape and form. Proof of that is simple – Do not agree to the plea deal from the prosecutor and request more prison time in order to come out of prison with NO PROBATION. That in itself proves that probation is NOT necessary. Also, people have purposely violated their probations when they realized what a bunch of crap it was to try to live by the “rules” the probation officers set down. Then they get out after a year or 2 and have no more probation.
I left another comment in here regarding how probation doesn’t help anyone. No one NEEDS to be supervised. And if someone DOES need supervision, perhaps that person is the type of criminal that doesn’t need to be out in the free world at all.